Sunday, December 22, 2013


long time no blog. this gal is one of the reasons why. i'm not gonna try to backtrack and catch up, it's  been far too long for that. so let's start here. on november 18th, at 12:25 p.m. we had a baby girl. her name is aila (pronounced with a long a: A-la). her first name is a nod to brian's grandma aileen, and her middle name (shattuck) is my grandma's maiden name. she weighed in at 8lbs 10oz and was 21in long.

the night she was born, the nurse noticed aila was breathing fast, so they took her to the special care nursery. they checked her out and brought her back, but she was still breathing too fast, so back she went. at first they thought it was just tachypnea, which is relatively common in newborns. aila was started on iv antibiotics, was requiring oxygen, and had to stay in the special care nursery. the tachypnea didn't resolve as it should have, so the doctors had to look for the cause.

so aila got lots of tests, a chest x-ray, a lumbar puncture, and an echocardiogram. 

it was decided that aila had pneumonia, caused by aspirating amniotic fluid. she had to have iv antibiotics for 7 days…which was extended to 10 when she was still requiring oxygen.

also, during the echocardiogram, it was discovered that aila has an atrial septal defect and a very small ventricular septal defect. both are relatively common and should not be problematic, closing on their own. but she will be monitored by a cardiologist to make sure of that. 

finally, after 11 days aila was able to come home! she is perfectly healthy and doing great. she is already month old and gaining weight like a champ. many more pictures to come!

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brooke said...

i'm so glad that aila is okay! i had been wondering why she was in the nicu. that's not easy for a mom. she is beautiful!