Friday, June 7, 2013

i went to dc...a month ago.

yeah, i went on a quick little myself! brian had a vacation week...but the boys had school so we weren't going to go anywhere. then i realized that (1) i have a really good friend in dc, (2) it is cheap to fly to dc, (3) brian could manage the boys solo. so i called up rachel and thankfully she was happy to have me crash with her for a few days and give me a personal tour of her lovely town. it was a great trip. we packed a lot of fun into the two and a half days i was there! at this point i'm not sure i remember everything we did...but it was great. i didn't take many busy talking and just generally enjoying myself. but here's a smattering...

the waterfront in downtown alexandria.

cool art.

art installation/tunnel between museums.

crazy cool folk art. its the throne of god...made by a janitor of recycled objects and lots of foil.

delicious treat...italian ice/frozen custard.

my lovely host and tour guide. who maybe got in trouble for sitting on the stoop immediately after this...

pretty row houses.

boat in the canal.

pretty gold dome.

gate in "chinatown"...there's this gate, and the restaurants and shops have their names in chinese characters as well as english...and that's about it. it's hilarious.

thanks again rachel! and brian too! 

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