Saturday, March 2, 2013

dc. round one.

tate and beck have a vacation week in february so we (and my mom!) took a trip down to dc!

air and space. first place we hit up because we knew the boys would love it. and they did.

carousel on the mall.

washington monument.

view from old post office pavilion clock tower.

smithsonian castle. actually didn't go in...but it looks cool.

sean, ashley and hailey were there too! wells loves hailey.

lincoln memorial. on presidents day.

back side of lincoln memorial.

reflecting pool.

we got to see rachel!! 

and this was just the first day! we did see most of the monuments/memorials but i guess i only snapped pics at the big two. air & space museum, best friends, and honoring our nations heroes...not a bad way to spend a day. 


Malerie said...

Great pictures. We loved our vacation to D.C. Such cool things to see! I bet the kids had a blast.

rachel said...

I'm still on a mini high from seeing you guys :) And that photo is perfect! Didn't I spend most of my time harassing the boys and Hailey?