Sunday, February 10, 2013


looking out the front door.

brian's car is under there.

venturing out to play.

hey tate.

wellsy...crammed into a snowsuit from last year.

we did have some lovely friends come help clear the walkway and driveway. then i had to finish digging out brian's car. and figure out what to do with it...can't exactly park on the street now. so i played musical cars and moved it into the garage and the trailblazer to the driveway. i'm not sure the pictures capture how much snow there is. today i tried to step up to the right of where wells is standing in that picture...and i was sank straight down and had snow up over my knees. crazytown.


Malerie said...

So crazy! Did you keep your power? I was wondering how you guys had fared. The boys look happy! :)

tira said...

yeah we had power thankfully!