Tuesday, March 20, 2012

library day.

every tuesday we go to the library. the library is across the street from the boys' school so we head right over after i pick them up. tate makes a beeline for the computers. beck goes for the non-fiction section. right now he is into helicopters. we also always get a magic treehouse book and i pick out a couple storybooks (otherwise every book would be a non-fiction one about military vehicles). there is a little play area that i try to entertain wells in. this day he was pushing the white organizer thing around. but mostly he likes to try to escape. and pull books off the shelves. library day is possibly one of the boys favorite days of the week. i'm pretty happy about that.

p.s. these pictures are from a couple weeks ago...note the heavy jackets. this week it is in the 70's and supposed to get up to 85 even. on the morning of tate and beck's birthday there was a dusting of snow...but earlier that week it was in the 60's. march is weird.

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Sarah Pugmire said...

Love the library. It's right across the street from my apt in provo so I go all the time! The boys are looking so big!